Ashta Dikpalakas

Ashta Dikpalakas

In Hinduism, Ashtadikpalas, or Ashta Dik Palas, are the eight deities that guard the eight quarters of the world. They are often augmented with two extra deities for the ten directions (the two extra directions being zenith and nadir), when they are known as the Dasa-dikpala.In Hinduism it is traditional to represent their images on the walls and ceilings of Hindu temples. They are popularly known as Dikpalas – the protectors of the quarters – or Lokpalas – the protectors of the world. They are also mentioned as the guardian deities of the sky.

Ashta Dikpalakas are the eight gods ruling the eight quarters or the eight zones of the universe.They are the pillars of vaastu Shastra.Vaastu Shastra was important in the past also. But, awareness about it increased in the present day world.It is important at present in the construction of temples,Buildings etc.Ashta Dikpalakas have wild animals as their Vahanas or Vehicles. This fact tells us about the attachment of wild life to our ancestors.Being the vahanas of God, these wild animals also gained importance and they are treated with reverence.Holiness is ascribed to the wild animals. This in turn helps us in wild life conservation.

The names of Ashta Dikpalakas are given below. The names of their vahanas are also given below.

  • East – Indira on Airavata – the white elephant.
    (Sometimes Indira is depicted as sitting on a horse named Ucchaisravas. )
  • South East – Agni on Mesha (the male goat).
  • South – Yama on Mahisha (the male buffalo).
  • South West – Nirurti on Ashwa (horse).
  • West – Varuna on Makara (the crocodile).
  • North West – Vayu on Mruga (the spotted deer).
  • North – Kubera on Nara (Man)
  • North East – Isana on Vrishbha (bull)

Ashta Dikpalakas Yantra

Hinduism recognize Nava-Dikpala, literally meaning guardians of nine directions, that consist of eight directions with one addition in the center. The nine guardian gods of directions is called Dewata Nawa Sanga (Nine guardian devata), the diagram of these guardian gods of directions is featured in Surya Majapahit, the emblem of Majapahit empire. The ashtadikpala yantra are very powerful yantra to protects ones home from eight direction ill effects. Use : put each direction yantra in flooring or put them in wall, for good result.

There are strong similarities between the concept of the guardians of the directions and the lore surrounding the Chinese four symbols, four ancestral spirits who are responsible for four of the cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West).
The names of the Dikpalas vary slightly, but generally include the following:

Name Direction Mantra Weapon Consort Graha(Planet) Guardian Matrika
Kubera North Om Sham Kuberaya Namah Gada (mace) Kuberajaya Budha (Mercury) Kumari
Yama South Om Mam Yamaya Namah Danda(staff) Yami Mangala (Mars) Varahi
Indra East Om Lam Indraya Namah Vajra (thunderbolt) Saci Surya (Sun) Aindri
Varuna West Om Vam Varunaya Namah Pasa (noose) Nalani Sani (Saturn) Varuni
Isana Northeast Om Ham Isanaya Namah Trisula (trident) Parvati Brihaspati (Jupiter) Mahesvari
Agni Southeast Om Ram Agnaye Namah Sakti(Spear) Svaha Sukra (Venus) Meshavahini
Vayu Northwest Om Yam Vayuve Namah Ankusa (goad) Bharati Chandra (Moon) Mrigavahini
Nirrti (sometimes Raksasa) Southwest Om Ksam Raksasaya Namah Khadga (sword) Khadgi Rahu (North Lunar Node) Khadagadharini
Visnu Nadir Om Klim Vishnave Namah Cakra (discus) Laksmi Lagna Vaishnavi
Brahma Zenith Om Hrim Brahmane Namah Padma (lotus) Sarasvati Ketu (South Lunar Node) Brahmani